Garden Life

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Autor: Donatien
Camera: Half 35mm film container with too large hole (not sharp)
Paper: Kodak Polymax Professional IIRC N Semi Matt wet
Exposure time:08/10/2016-19/02/2017
Harvested early due to camera being detached of the wall (solvant not strong enough)
We can see chairs movement, trolley ghost and trees loosing leafs 😊🌲🌱🌿🌳and also another camera made of energy drink can attached next door (round object in tge middle on the right )
Unfortunetly had to take it off so the effects are not as strong as could be after longer exposure...
Beautiful isnt it?

Tagi: oxford solargraphy krystian kleszcz
Odsłon: 1550
Data dodania: 2017-02-20 22:12:14