Westgate Shopping Centre Oxford Buidingsite

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Autor: Donatien
Second camera taken off yesterday due to 7 lost already...couldnt wait any longer to loose another one.
I have done a lot of work to put my project together and some people just mess it up...still have 3 cameras in operation but I will put more soon certainly!
The end of site works is due by October 2017 I wonder what else I can get from there...

On the picture above we have 4 cranes with sun reflections ( arms are moving during day time whilst operating so they are not visible )and partly builded shopping centre + fence and reflections in the cars or heavy equipment used on the site. Also few months sunpaths rainbow above the site.

Camera made of energy drink can allocated on the top of the sign post
Paper: Kodak Polymax Professional II RC Matt
Exposure time: 03/07-07/12/2016
Scan: Epson V600 Photo

Tagi: oxford solargraphy krystian kleszcz
Odsłon: 1615
Data dodania: 2017-02-20 22:16:07
Donatien [2017-11-20, 17:26 ]
Niom dzieki musze sie tam niedlugo wybrac bo moze te 3 jeszcze wisza juz ponad 2 lata chyba ...budowa skonczona z 8 kamerek zniknelo w miedzyczasie...
michał małkiewicz [2017-04-23, 13:02 ]